Monday, 24 February 2014

Mobile World Congress 2014 - Doro Ignites Revolution of Connected Seniors

According to the United Nations, the global population is now predicted to be in excess of 7.2 billion, which includes more than half a billion people aged over 65 years. Feedback from Doro’s customers shows that mainstream consumer technology brands do not adequately meet the needs of this growing customer group. This is why in recent years Doro has invested heavily in developing products for the specific needs of seniors – such as the company's recently launched easy-to-use smartphone.

Doro has been developing easy user interfaces for tablets and PCs – to make them more accessible and pleasurable for seniors to use. It is now taking this knowledge to launch the innovative Doro TabEasy®. This 10-inch tablet device is housed in an enhanced grip sleeve for better handling and protection. The Android tablet will offer continuity of the company's smartphone user experience - bringing easy web browsing and access to mainstream digital content to beginners.

The company is also revealing a range of Doro EasyPC laptops™ - to offer a complete easy computing experience for the home. The Doro EasyPC™ is available in three different formats - with a 15-inch screen, a 17-inch screen and with a 15-inch touchscreen.  This launch sees Doro introduce a simplified keyboard overlay to its portfolio of adapted products. 

Caroline Noublanche, Vice President Marketing and Portfolio at Doro, said: “This is the next chapter in our connected story. The industry is inundated with new technologies, which can sometimes make the senior group feel left behind. We are different because we provide an easier pace and take seniors on a journey through technology. We are actively fuelling the digital appetite of many thousands of seniors around the world by giving them products they can use and enjoy in every moment of life - at home and on the go. Our next smartphone, tablet and laptops will bring a new dimension to the Doro portfolio and will complement our existing range of products perfectly.”

Doro is addressing the full spectrum of consumer communication devices with seniors in mind.  The company has conquered mobile phones and software, it is now moving into tablets and laptops.  The next frontier is the TV.  Doro believes the TV can be used to further connect seniors at home because it is a device they are already exceptionally comfortable with.

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