Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Mobile World Congress 2014 - WIT Software unveils a new WebRTC platform that provides support for all the browsers in the Internet

 WIT Software, communications company for Mobile Operators, has announced today the new WIT WebRTC platform that provides real-time communication capabilities to the WebRTC-compliant browsers  (Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera) as well as other browsers that have no support for WebRTC (Safari and Internet Explorer). The support for non-WebRTC browsers is based on HTML5 and makes use of Flash technology for the transmission of audio and video.
The new WIT WebRTC platform is a full end-to-end solution that comprises a WebRTC Gateway to bridge Web protocols into Telecom protocols and a Javascript WebRTC SDK to facilitate third party development of web-based applications. This innovative platform is built with a hybrid architecture, supporting the most recent WebRTC specification as well as Adobe Flash media protocols to reach all the browsers in the market.
Built to support continuous innovation, the WebRTC platform can be applied to several real-world business scenarios. The WIT Web Communicator app provides a compelling set of communication features for web-browsers, including HD voice and video, IP and SMS messaging, content sharing, integration with social networks, and a network address book. WIT Web Communicator is fully compliant with the latest RCS5.1 GSMA standards.
Another use-case has been developed with the WIT WebRTC platform: a remote assistance solution for mobile users, targeted for contact centers and IT support centers. This plug-in features HD audio and video calls, IP messaging and screen sharing between mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) and the web front-end of the contact centers. By leveraging this solution, contact centers are able to provide a premium service to their customers.
With this announcement, WIT Software reinforces its commitment towards developing innovative and market-driven WebRTC solutions.
Luis Silva, CEO of WIT Software said: "WebRTC is gaining momentum in the industry since it opens several opportunities to integrate real-time communications in web-browsers. However, real world services cannot rely on end-users’ awareness of their browser support for WebRTC. Those services have to work seamlessly on any other browser that is not compliant with WebRTC. We are very excited with the launch of our new WIT WebRTC Gateway since we are solving an important problem and we will provide a framework to develop web applications with communication assets that work in all the browsers of the Internet”.