Sunday, 23 February 2014

MyPlace Connect, Wifi network entries in Indian market.

MyPlace Connect, Ireland’s largest free WiFi network has just announced its entry into the Indian market. Already MyPlace Connect have over 1,000 new users through the India expansion with more signing up every day. This expansion is the latest from MyPlace Connect, who had made services available in Germany, France, Switzerland, the UK, the USA and the Netherlands before the end of 2013.
The MyPlace Connect WiFi network is solely funded by the venues in which the service is available. The service eliminates the need for codes to access the internet and to make it even more convenient customers are always remembered by the system through a one off registration. The service is always free and as a result MyPlace Connect has already signed up over 400,000 users in Ireland alone. 
By allowing the venues to pay a monthly fee the cost of providing WiFi at such a high capacity is minimised for MyPlace Connect customers. This international expansion shows that businesses from all over are becoming more and more aware that free WiFi is a vital driver for business.
Kshitij Pandey, Head of IT at Canvas Laugh Factory, was eager to work with the Irish company. He stated; “We did a lot of research before choosing a WiFi hotspot provider – we looked at companies from all over the world. What stood out for us with MyPlace Connect was the technology behind the service and the level of innovation used. We knew from the beginning that they understood and listened to their customers and have built a wonderful tool to allow us to market to our customers.
Peadar Gormley, the CEO and Founder of MyPlace Connect, is confident the company’s wave of expansion will continue; “There is a growing Asian market and it is an area we hope to target in 2014. Now that we have our first Indian customer, it has allowed us to understand the needs and wants of customers in that part in the world. The market intelligence gained has been invaluable and I believe the company can only go up from here.”
Initially developed as an advertising platform, MyPlace Connect has grown to become a highly adaptable, mobile cloud based, hotspot solution.