Thursday, 27 March 2014

5 Irish Game Developers join efforts to raise funds for Concern with the Irish Indie Tower Bundle, the Irish games portal, is proud to announce that their game of the week feature highlights a fundraising initiative by Cork based to raise funds for Concern International’s activities across the world. Available for one week only until Sunday 30th March, gamers can get five great indie PC and mobile games by some of Ireland’s best developers.

P-3 Biotic is a frantic twin stick shooter by BatCat Games, The Battle of Clontarf is a 3D hack and slash game by Eyesodic Game Studio. Ku: Shroud of the Morrigan is a beautifully hand drawn role playing game by Bitsmith Games. Goldbeard is a 2D platformer by Punchscreen Games, and the first 89 bundles sold will also contain the platform adventure game Jelly Fug by Troll Inc.

Announcing the launch of the bundle, Paul Allen of n00b Gaming said “We are delighted to be able to offer players across the world five great games in our Irish Indie Tower Bundle. Not only can people buying the bundle support the local game development scene, but can pay what they want knowing that 50% of proceeds are going to raise funds for Concern’s work across the world.”

You can find more information about the Bundle at and watch a short trailer featuring the games at

It is available on pay-what-you-want from €2.00 until Sunday 30th March.