Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Eventbrite arrives in Ireland to build on its organic growth

Eventbrite announces its arrival in Ireland to disrupt the events space and  build on its existing home grown Irish usage.

Eventbrite launched in 2006 in San Francisco. Its founders  Renaud Visage & Kevin & Julia Hartz, still work pushing a simple idea:- make ticketing for events a simple task , not just for the mega concerts promoters and mega conferences but also for the smaller local events and meetings.

'Its the democratization of ticketing' says Marino Fresch, country manager for Ireland at a recent chat with Silicon Ireland News about Eventbrite's newest expansion in Europe with the setting up of offices here. 

Organically Ireland was a big user of Eventbrite already but now with a proper Irish base, there will be a way to link the community engagement and build value for event organisers to it. Marino plans to build a small dedicated team in Dublin to enhance the user experience and grow the user base.

'We see events as the new luxury item for people where time is a constraint on modern life ' says Marino, and Eventbrite wants to be at the forefront of helping make this possible.

Eventbrite's arrival here continues an exciting trend  for inward investment by US based companies choosing Ireland to locate themselves.

You can find out more by following them on Twitter :- @eventbriteie