Sunday, 9 March 2014

Launch of MATRIX Intellectual Capital Report

Enterprise, Trade and Investment Minister, Arlene Foster, today launched the MATRIX Foresight Report Into the Exploitation of Intellectual Capital by SMEs in Northern Ireland.
The Minister said: “Innovation and development is vital for Northern Ireland’s economic future and it is important that the small to medium sized enterprises which dominate our industrial landscape utilise knowledge efficiently, work collaboratively and exploit their intellectual capital.

“Last year I authorised MATRIX to explore the issues surrounding intellectual effort, its use and outcomes for Northern Ireland’s SMEs. Not only does this report concisely convey companies’ understanding of the concept but it highlights the barriers which prevent them working together and exploiting their intellectual capital. In examining other regions regarded as leaders in the management of intellectual capital, the report illustrates how local companies can adapt best practice and exploit new market opportunities.

“This report now provides us with a significant opportunity to enhance our ability to drive innovation through our increased knowledge of intellectual capital. My department, Invest Northern Ireland, MATRIX and other key stakeholders are currently working together to ensure local companies reap the benefit of this opportunity. I want to thank the MATRIX Intellectual Capital panel for their hard work and commitment in producing this report.”

Bryan Keating, Chair of MATRIX and Intellectual Capital Panel said: “I would like to thank the Minister and her department for their foresight in undertaking this study. Our objective was to discover the level of awareness amongst NI SMEs of their intellectual capital and identify the tools which will enable SMEs to fully capture, manage and exploit their intellectual capital.

“From this report we can now create the framework which will allow SMEs to work effectively in collaboration.”

The report can be found at