Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Spotliter Announces Major New Update of Its iPhone Camera App

Spotliter (, which launched to critical acclaim in December as the first iPhone video camera built for the touchscreen generation, today announced a new version of its app which extends its unique and powerful touch effects to Photos, without sacrificing the app’s simplicity and usability. Spotliter enables users to apply sophisticated effects to photos and videos as they are shot by just tapping, pinching, swiping, or sliding fingers on the screen. Users can switch between photo and video modes with a simple tap of a button.

In addition to adding popular touch effects such as MAGNIFY, OVERLAY, SEARCHLIGHT and B&W2COLOR to capture hi-resolution photos, Spotliter also introduces exciting new effects such as JUXTAPOSE and HORIZON which enables users to combine two separate images in one shot or several still images and a video in one recording, using both front and back cameras. When using these effects in video mode, users can continually switch between cameras; freeze and unfreeze part of the camera screen while the other part continues to record live. When Spotliter users select a touch effect, a message briefly appears on the user’s smartphone viewfinder telling them which touch actions can be used with that effect. The app now offers 15 different touch effects for photo and video capture.

The app’s exclusive touch effects enable users to compose and capture photos and videos that are simply not available in other mobile camera applications. For example, if one selects the FREEZE effect and taps on a taxicab driving across the screen, the taxi will freeze in place while the rest of the video keeps moving. The user may select MAGNIFY and magnify just their friend’s face singing in a recital, while the rest of the group appears at normal zoom. Or one may select B&W2COLOR to highlight just one area of the photo or video in color while the rest appears in black and white. The user then simply taps another part of the screen to highlight that area or pinches two fingers to increase or reduce the color area.

Download Spotliter from the iTunes App Store at: