Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Bizpora Joins The CoFoundersLab’s Family

Blog post by Fred Caballero on the announcement of Bizpora joining CoFoundersLab

It’s been over two years since we started working on Bizpora. I must say it was a heck of a ride and a massive learning curve for us as a team. We built aglobal network of thousands of entrepreneurs and facilitated hundreds of face to face connections.

As you know, we launched in 2012 as Startup Stay, offering entrepreneurs in startups a way to connect with other like-minded members and also look for accommodation. After a lot of work, 8 months through the Startup Chile programme and entering the Ignite100 accelerator in Newcastle last September, we arrived to the conclusion that listings were incredibly hard to scale. The level of support and the cost of capturing new listings compared to the business growth did not make financial sense. That’s when we decided to focus on the networking element that was highly used by most members.

A few months ago we started partnership conversation with the folks at CoFoundersLab, the largest community of entrepreneurs seeking business partners. We quickly realised that they shared the same vision and DNA as Bizpora: facilitate new friendships, collaborations and business opportunities. Those talks rapidly became something more than expected.

Today is a great day for the Bizpora team and its members. I want to share with you that we’ve been acquired by the fantastic team at CoFoundersLab. It was an opportunity we couldn’t pass on and a significant step forward in terms of the value we’ll be creating for the global entrepreneurial community. Together we’ll be a community of nearly 40,000 members. Their city events, combined with CofoundersLab matchmaking platform will become very powerful resources to generate more meaningful connections and the creation of new startups.
What’s Next?

The Bizpora platform will continue running until May 16th. We will send an email to all members with further instructions. In the meantime, we invite you go here: to create your free CoFoundersLab account and also access a pro account with the discount code: BIZPORA2014