Sunday, 6 April 2014


FI-Lab, the innovation lab of FI-WARE is available in the cloud for developers; where they can experiment with all the possibilities offered by FI-WARE technology.
The success of this innovation ecosystem is based on its differential point: it is open to everyone, either for developers, where they can test and deploy their ideas; or any institution, whether public or private, that would like to offer to the community all the public data available. For example, a Council Hall can upload public data on pollution of the city to FI-Lab to meet with SMEs, developers and start-ups that can help them to develop innovative applications that will improve the efficiency of the city.
FI-Lab is a unique setting for anyone who wants to develop applications based on FI-WARE, a technology l by the European Commission for being the incubator of the technological future of our society. To subsidize, the European institution has invested 100 million euros between this year and next.

FI-WARE challenges: an opportunity for developers
All of this development is led by FI-WARE, an initiative created by the European Commissionwith the collaboration of Campus Party and important ICT businesses in Europe. It is an open platform that represents an alternative to the dominant Internet platforms like Amazon or Google.
To support the dissemination of the platform, currently is still open the registration of projects for their challenges Smart Societyand FI-WARE Excellence  until 24th April with 340,000€, divided among the finalists and winners. Until then, all the stakeholders have the opportunity to register, while those who already have made ​​their prototypes on the platform can improve their projects through CampusLabs. Participants only have to submit their app idea for the benefit of society to Smart Society, and a proposal for free themed applications to FI-WARE Excellence.

Prizes for the Smart Society challenge:
      First Prize: 75.000 € 
      Second Prize: 40.000 € 
      Third Prize: 20.000 € 
      Special Mention to Young Developer: 5.000 € 
      Special Mention to Most Innovative Application: 5.000 €

Prizes for the FI-WARE Excellence challenge:
      “FI-WARE Excellence” Prize: 25.000 €
      Excellence in IoT: 10.000 €
      Excellence in Robotics: 10.000 €
      Excellence in Real-time data and multimedia processing: 10.000 €
      Excellence in Big Data: 10.000 €
      Excellence in User Interface: 10.000 €
      Excellence in Security: 10.000 €

All those interested in participating in the FI-WARE challenges can use this laboratory of ideas to practice their projects, consult other initiatives, participate in collaborative work and develop their own skills and concerns in an open environment.

FI-Lab and the Smart Cities
One of the fields that FI-Lab is being most developed in is that of Smart Cities. Several European cities have shown interested in being able to deploy these technologies which they are also easily replicable, such as Sevilla, M├ílaga, Santander, Las Palmas and Valencia, in Spain, Trento and Turin in Italy and Espoo (Finland) and Lisbon (Portugal). It is expected that during this year and next year will join this initiative to many other interested cities.
Several of these initiatives for Smart cities emerged from the first FI-WARE challenge which took place last January at the Campus Party Brasil, where some start-ups and developers were awarded and provided many cities with the highest artificial intelligence. For example, initiatives such as Sparky App, a Mexican project that will help owners to share their private parking´s place while they are not using it, but also helps drivers find parking place for short or long term. Or Smart Box, a project that aims to get Spanish cities 'Sensorized', gaining an enormous source of useful information that consumers can see from their own home through the television screen and a remote control.