Monday, 14 April 2014

The Best Free Travel & Vacation Apps For Your Easter Holiday

It is no secret that we have gotten very used to using our Smartphone all the time and for everything. Uploading a selfie to Facebook or checking our bank account while on the go is a natural everyday activity just like brushing our teeth. One area that smartphones have drastically changed is traveling. According to a survey over 80% of Americans will travel with their smartphone and rightly so. Traveling with a smartphones both improves the travel experience and makes it easier.

Following is a list of must have apps of your Easter holiday:

Google Translate – Speak to Locals
Yes it sounds obvious, but this app can do wonders when you are traveling to a foreign country where you do not speak the local language. Not only can you type a sentence and get a translation for any language, but you can also (in the most popular languages) actually speak to the phone and it will translate what you are saying. This feature came in very handy where some tourist approached me with a question and not only did they not speak English, but I had no idea what language they are speaking, GoogleTranslate however, did understand them.

TourPal Travel Guide – Makes Traveling Easy & Fun
Traveling in unfamiliar places raises many questions like ‘where am I now?’, ‘where should we go to next?’, ‘what can we eat around here?’ and ‘where can I find a good hotel?’. TourPal will help you answer all these questions and more. TourPal offers audio guided tours in a selection of languages in over 80 worldwide locations. It also offers GPS based maps, objective recommendations for local businesses around you (restaurants, bars and shops) and hotel booking. One of the advantages of TourPal is that you can download all the information to your device prior to the vacation; this helps you avoid costly cellular roaming charges while traveling.

XE Currency – No More Math
You’ll notice that many times you’ll see tourists with a worried look on their face, it is not that they are unhappy, they are just trying to do math in their heads to understand the cost of things. This is a challenging task at any given time and even more challenging after a few beers. This is where this free app comes in handy, not only will it do the math for you (Yay!) but is uses a live database for the currencies so you get an accurate result.

Packing List – Never Forget To Pack Things
It can be highly annoying to arrive at your holiday destination only to find out that you forgot to pack Fluffy - your daughter’s favorite stuffed bunny, the one that she refuses to go to sleep without. Luckily there are apps just for that (and for reminding you not to forget more mundane things like your smartphone charger or sun-glasses).

AirBnB - Budget Accommodation
This app has created a whole new industry, instead of paying for hotels you can rent rooms or apartments from locals. It is usually cheaper and has a more personal touch. If you are living in a touristic city and you are going away on a vacation, you can use this service to make some money while you are away.

Kindle – Ebooks for Everyone
Carrying actual paper books is so 90s (and unfriendly to the environment), the Kindle app will give you access to an endless amount of eBooks which are also much cheaper than their paper versions.

Sunscreen – Fight Cancer
If you are using the previously mentioned Kindle app while laying on the beach it is very easy to lose track of time. This app will help you avoid getting sunburned by reminding you to re-apply your sunscreen when necessary. It might sound like a simple app but it helps you stay healthier, that alone gives it a rightful place on this list.

Whatsapp/ Viber / Skype - Stay In Touch
Long gone are the days of overprice international calls. These communication apps will help you stay in touch with your friends and family back home and with your fellow travelers. In many countries it is recommended to buy a local sim card with an internet package, this will help you stay in touch 24/7, just remember that it is also a good idea to turn your phone off every once in a while, you are on vacation after all.

Facebook / Instagram / Twitter - Share
Because hey, if you are not getting others jealous with your awesome holiday pics and posts then why even go in the first place?J .