Sunday, 27 April 2014

Web Surfing while driving - Crazy ?

Almost a quarter of Americans use Internet while driving, 14% UK females do the same…

…and we’ve yet to gather the courage to ask Irish drivers the same.

Recent research by ESET’s, revealed some interesting findings when it comes to consumer web surfing behavior. In a survey of 2000 people in the United States and Great Britain, uncovered the risks people take when surfing the web, as well as surprising behavioural differences between the sexes.

According to’s research, almost a quarter of American men (23.1 per cent) aged 25-34 admit to using the internet while driving a vehicle. In Britain, 7 percent admitted to browsing the web while driving, while UK female drivers in the same age range are twice as likely (14.3 per cent) to be surfing behind the wheel. Scary!

Other findings include:
Americans are almost three times (2.8 percent) as likely to use their smartphones at a funeral or religious service than the British, with US women being seven times as likely to surf at a service than UK women.
10 percent of internet users say they find it difficult to find what they want on the net.
12.3 percent of American men aged 25-34 say they risk taking their smartphone with them to the shower or bath

ESET launched today. With the World Wide Web reaching its 25th birthday this year, ESET has launched to celebrate all things Internet. The site creates a web portal for everyone who wants to explore the online universe, upload interesting content and contribute to curating content for their fellow web surfers. It’s a new internet initiative

Our mission at ESET is to help people enjoy safer technology, so our security software is engineered to protect consumers online and allow them to explore the internet with confidence. But even we can’t help protect people who use their smartphone while driving…

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