Friday, 4 April 2014

WIT Software's new WebRTC Platform provides Mobile Operators safe harbour form MSISDN as key identity

WIT Software, a leading provider of rich and unified communications, unveils today a new release of their new WIT WebRTC Gateway which brings clear advantages to Mobile Operators: the ubiquity of WebRTC to provide real-time audio and video communications directly from browsers to any mobile device in the network while preserving the MSISDN as the key identity of users.

Mobile operators face an ever-increasing threat from OTT’s. The WhatsApp acquisition by Facebook with the potential evolution to WhatsApp Voice and WebRTC adoption on Facebook website, may create the ultimate global OTT, further increasing revenue erosion for mobile operators.

Whilst it’s very likely that OTT’s will begin using WebRTC technology, it is WIT’s belief that Mobile Operators must show leadership of WebRTC, and use it to leverage the most valuable assets they have: their network infrastructure with the best quality of service, and the most universal user identity, the mobile phone number (MSISDN). The ability to make a call between two MSISDN’s, across browser or handset, is still the most important competitive advantage against the OTT’s.

WIT WebRTC Gateway offers Mobile Operators a carrier-grade solution built with a hybrid architecture to provide real-time communication capabilities to the WebRTC-compliant browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera) as well as other browsers that have no support for WebRTC (Safari and Internet Explorer). The support for non-WebRTC browsers is based on HTML5 and uses Adobe Flash protocols for the transmission of audio and video.

The CEO of WIT Software, Mr Luis Silva, said: “The Mobile Telecom industry is living in unprecedented times where the Operators need to react fast and wisely to the threat of OTT players. The deployment of WebRTC technology will definitely accelerate that threat. Operators need to leverage their best assets to compete: the quality of service of their network and the identity of their customers, represented by the MSISDN. We believe our new WebRTC Gateway is a valuable tool for the Operators to enter the WebRTC ecosystem and provide voice and video services from any browser”.

WIT Software will be showcasing at WebRTC Global Summit in London, April 1st and 2nd, participating as a Sponsor and Exhibitor and joining in the panel discussion “Gateways in a WebRTC World”.