Thursday, 8 May 2014

Blacknight CEO Michele Neylon Appointed to the Board of the i2Coalition

Blacknight proudly announce that CEO Michele Neylon has been appointed to the Board of the i2Coalition. Neylon was appointed to the board on April 30, 2014.
The i2 Coalition, also known as Internet Infrastructure Coalition, supports those who work behind the scenes to build the nuts and bolts of the Internet. They are dedicated to fostering the continued growth of the Internet, which is vital for continuing to develop an environment of innovation. Blacknight has been a member company of the i2Coalition since March 2013.
The i2Coalition has, to date been primarily active on issues within the United States, however the organization has recently begun to expand to cover the issues of the global community.
“It is a massive honour to have been appointed to the board of the i2C and I am pleased to be able to bring a European perspective on issues that impact the global community” Neylon states.” Blacknight joined the i2C in 2013 because we share the organization’s mission to unify the infrastructure community and foster innovation, growth and dialog with key decision makers in law enforcement and government.”
The i2Coalition is a trade association of companies from the Internet infrastructure industry in areas such as; web hosting, data centres and registrars. The organisation was formed to undertake key initiatives, such as: representing the industries interests with relevant regulatory agencies; educating the media, members of Congress and key legislative and regulatory stakeholders on the complexities and workings of the Internet; and developing and sharing best business practices with fellow members.
“i2Coalition is thrilled to welcome Michele Neylon and his expertise on a multitude of issues of great importance to the Internet infrastructure industry, in Europe and across the globe, to our Board of Directors,” said Christian Dawson, i2Coalition Co-Founder and Board Chair. “From founding and serving as Managing Director of cutting-edge Ireland-based Blacknight Internet Solutions to his active participation in ICANN and other groups and projects focusing on our industry, Michele’s accomplishments and experiences will be a welcome part of the i2Coalition Board as we continue our global efforts moving forward.”
Neylon hopes to help guide the organization on European issues and assist in the unification of the global infrastructure community.
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