Sunday, 25 May 2014

Startup Weekend gets new sponsors

Enabling the Entrepreneur Within:

Coca Cola and glacéau vitaminwater team to sponsor Startup Weekend globally into 2015!

Both Coca Cola and glacéau vitaminwater hope to learn what it takes to be innovative and continue grafting a more entrepreneurial spirit into the DNA of their very large company. Ultimately, much as they are here to support leaders and entrepreneurs with mentors, beverages, access to expertise, and a spotlight for communities everywhere, it is also very much about learning from the real experts of entrepreneurship and localized innovation – that's all of you!

Coca Cola has always been a company that stands for innovation. Through this partnership, Coca Cola will be welcomed as a more integral force within UP Global communities around the world and will focus on supporting Startup Weekend Organizers everywhere

Across 23 international markets, glacéau vitaminwater strives to ‘enable the entrepreneur within us all,’ because glacéau vitaminwater was once a startup too. Local glacéau vitaminwater teams around the globe will be collaborating with Startup Weekend Organizers to create unique experiences, hydrate events, and mentor new entrepreneurs as they begin their journeys.