Monday, 30 June 2014


The qualifying round of the World Cup 2014 has become a milestone event for global 2nd-screen TV applications, as evidenced by engagement on such diverse apps as Televisa’s Deportes (Mexico), ESPNSync, and L’Equipe Connect (France), powered by Visiware's Sync2TV platform.

During some qualification matches, more than 400,000 dual-screeners participated in sync with telecasts.
Users enjoyed making live predictions, rating player actions, sharing their passion, posting photos, videos, share opinions on topics (“was the yellow card deserved?”) and tweeting from the applications.

Sync2TV powers interactive engagement for its client’s World Cup 2014 matches on iOS devices, Android devices, and on the web, providing live game stats, gamification, social buzz, and video commentary.

“The World Cup 2014 has shown even greater uptake for second screen activity than we thought. The second screen has become a key component of sports and entertainment consumption. Given that the US, French and Mexican teams have gone through to the qualifying rounds, we expect to see even greater engagement levels in the next round,” said Laurant Weill, founder and executive chairman of Visiware. “Users are now telling us that they will no longer see a game without a 2nd screen experience.”

Visiware is the leading provider of B2B 2nd-screen solutions, providing its white-label Sync2TV platform to networks, producer, operators and advertisers, enabling them to enrich their shows with immersive interactive experiences through the web, iPhones, iPads, or Android smartphones and tablets. Visiware also recently launched its Sync2Ad platform for brands and advertisers to leverage a unique synchronized mobile ad-unit that plays in real-time with TV spots.