Thursday, 12 June 2014

Viatel partners with three European Internet Exchanges, bringing new peering opportunities to ISPs

Viatel has announced reseller agreements with key Internet Exchanges in Europe. DE-CIX located in Frankfurt, France-IX located in Paris and the London Internet Exchange, LINX have all signed Viatel as a reseller partner. This move allows all types of ISP to connect to major internet Exchanges across Europe through Viatel’s extensive wholly owned network and boost their peering possibilities.

Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) form an essential part of the global internet infrastructure, Viatel customers can use peering to lower costs, reduce latency, and increase IP performance and resilience.

Viatel’s concentration of coverage with over 120 PoPs and an 8,500 km network will make it easier for parties in Europe to connect to these and other European Internet Exchanges without needing a physical presence.

“We are extremely pleased to announce that Viatel has joined the DE-CIX Partner program. Viatel’s European fibre network runs through the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy. Being a reseller for DE-CIX in Frankfurt will give their customers the opportunity to peer with hundreds of connected ISPs instantly, and Viatel's customers will enrich the DE-CIX peering community. A win-win-situation for connectivity for every single connected network,” stated Melanie Kempf, Partner Manager at DE-CIX.

Franck Simon, Managing Director at France-IX, adds: “We are delighted to announce that Viatel has joined the France-IX Partner program. Viatel’s European fibre network will give their customers the opportunity to connect to the France-IX Exchange quickly and securely, and immediately peer with hundreds of ISPs. For France-IX, this partnership definitely enhances the opportunities to connect new European members whether they have a technical footprint in France or not.”

Ben Hedges, LINX's Head of Marketing & Business Development, said, "We are delighted to welcome Viatel on board as a LINX reseller. This partnership means network operators from all around the world are now able to connect to LINX over a vLAN on the Viatel reseller port giving them the opportunity to reach more routes from the global routing table than at any other IXP."