Friday, 18 July 2014

Blacknight announce new scalable IPv6 enabled Linux hosting

Ireland’s leading domain registrar and hosting company are pleased to announce that the next step in the evolution of hosting is now available from the Blacknight store.

"NG" or "Next Generation" hosting uses clustering, load balancing, and site isolation to achieve high website density. The result is increased stability for all users. Meaning a single site can no longer take down a web server. It scales up so users can’t affect each other.

NG Hosting is also IPV6 enabled. Users will have a shared IPv4 address and a dedicated IPv6 address, which will be hosted out of the Blacknight data centre in Carlow. Blacknight is the first company to offer IPv6 shared hosting to the Irish market.

Blacknight CEO Michele Neylon states: “We are proud to offer the Next Generation of hosting to our customers. We are always looking to bring the best of breed technology to the Irish market and we hope that this helps drive adoption and demand for IPv6. We are also very pleased to hosting the service from our own data centre on-site in Carlow.”

In terms of database servers, MySQL 5.1.73 or newer will be provided initially. However Blacknight will have newer versions of MySQL down the road. Blacknight is also using 6 core Xeon E5 series servers with 64GB of ram for the new shared hosting platform giving optimal performance.

“From a technical perspective we’ve been waiting for the market to catch up to what we wish to offer,” explains Blacknight CTO Paul Kelly. “We are ready to handle the volume and we'll have the ability to 'migrate' customers from Shared Hosting (Legacy) to the our Next Generation shared hosting platform.”

Blacknight will also give access to the latest PHP5 as well as multiple versions of PHP. Blacknight NG Hosting is currently available at

For more information on the Blacknight suite of services, please visit