Friday, 1 August 2014

SpeechStorm releases Jackson - IVR framework with greater Multilingual, mobile and testing functionality

Leader in voice and mobile customer experience, SpeechStorm, (, today launches its ‘Jackson’ software release for its SpeechStorm Framework IVR (Interactive Voice Response) platform, including new multilingual, mobile and testing capabilities.

While the SpeechStorm platform already supports voice applications and multiple languages, (the company is, for example, currently rolling out 12 languages across 20 countries for one European customer), Jackson’s multilingual capabilities mean French and Spanish customers can now configure those applications through a business user interface, called the ‘Control Centre’, in their own language.

“Localizing the Control Centre user interface was the next logical step to our multilingual capabilities,” said SpeechStorm CEO, Oliver Lennon. “It means business users can manage all aspects of their voice applications in English, French or Spanish. Next on our list: Italian and German.

The new release also includes the most comprehensive version of SpeechStorm Mobile eXperience (MX) for iPhone and Android, which allows complete customer service applications to be created and deployed through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, dramatically reducing the time to market for new and improved apps. Once the app has been downloaded by customers from the Apple AppStore or Google Play, the SpeechStorm app automatically refreshes, ensuring the customer always has the latest version without the need for them to download updates from the app store.

The enhanced SpeechStorm MX also includes full integration with Genesys Mobile Engagement (GME) from contact center specialist and SpeechStorm partner Genesys ( This enables app users who want to speak with a customer service advisor, to see the expected wait time for their call to be answered, giving them the choice to wait, or choose a timeslot in which to be called back. Once connected, the advisor is also automatically provided with the caller’s details and call context from the mobile app, so the customer doesn’t need to repeat information, or go through tedious identification and verification steps before receiving the help they need.

Jackson also makes available the recently announced ‘S/Connect for Cyara’ test case generation solution. Organizations using SpeechStorm and customer experience testing solutions from Cyara ( can generate test cases quickly and easily for load testing, performance testing and ongoing monitoring, with much less manual effort and eliminating human error.

Oliver Lennon enthuses, “We’re very excited about the new functionality Jackson brings to our IVR offering. A lot of the new features, such as local languages, closer integration with Genesys and S/Connect for Cyara, have been directly driven by what customers told us they wanted, so we’re looking forward to seeing how they, and others, put those features to use.”

The Jackson release is available now for on-premise implementations and is already being installed for customers going live in the coming weeks. SpeechStorm’s Software-as-as-Service (SaaS) customers will also have access to the new features of Jackson in the same timeframe.