Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Visiware opens Le Studio

Visiware, the global leader in 2nd screen solutions, with more than 2,500 shows produced in 25 countries, has just opened the industry’s first dedicated facility for 2nd screen creative development: Le Studio.

Le Studio is aimed at helping producers analyze, define, and develop truly engaging interactive TV experiences. From initial concept development to program definition to technical analysis and sales development, Visiware can accelerate social TV and PlayAlong game experiences for producers, helping them avoid common technical and content development mistakes.

Visiware’s highly experienced technical and creative teams can help producers develop interactive designs with rapid mock-ups and precisely defined specifications.

Visiware has worked with leading producers and networks – including Disney/ABC, Embassy Row, Endemol, ESPN, NBC Universal, the NFL, ITV, M6, Sony, TF1, and others – to build new and engaging multi-screen experiences to life. Visiware has created the 2nd screen experiences for such popular shows as ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’ and ‘Money Drop,’ as well as for the NFL Draft. Visiware’s system is considered to be the industry’s most reliable and the most scalable, capable of handling more than 1 million concurrent users.

With Le Studio, producers can expect to:
·      Generate extended show audiences
·      Optimize brand loyalty
·      Create sustainable buzz
·      Develop new revenue sources (both ad and in pay-app)

“Whether you need data analysis, project management, user interface (UI) or user experience (UX) design support, or graphic design, Le Studio enables producers to conceptualize and build powerful 2nd screen experiences for their shows,” said Colas Overkott, CEO of Visiware. “The motto of Le Studio is ‘Improve on What Is Needed and Remove What is Not,’ and we want to help producers reduce cycles in bringing synchronized TV, mobile, and web experiences to users.”

Visiware is helping producers to create the next generation of TV shows:
·      integrate data from rich experiences to develop reliable interactive show components
·      create the user experience and show logic for the best possible show, both for the TV and the 2nd screen user
·      validate technical feasibility
·      create strong social and gamification elements
·      build the UI and UX
·      build up the free or pay PlayAnytime companion app
·      conduct rigorous testing on apps and show components

“When setting up live Play Along for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, we met the best suppliers in the Industry. But Visiware stood out as the world leader in this field, their track record and knowledge made them the ideal partner.
They have been a pleasure to work with, had a solution for everything, and their testing procedures are the most rigorous I’ve ever come across,’ said  Stuart Shawcross, Head of Entertainment, Victory Television a Sony Pictures Company.