Sunday, 14 September 2014

Ongoing expansion for Irish free WiFi network provider

MyPlace Connect, Ireland’s largest free WiFi network provider has continued its international expansion with the launch of its services in a range of venues across Scotland. The new service in Scotland is in addition to the hundreds of locations across Europe, the USA and Asia where MyPlace Connect’s services are available. 
Peadar Gormley, the CEO and Founder of MyPlace Connect, said that “we are delighted to announce the expansion of MyPlace Connects services into Scotland. MyPlace Connect is undergoing phenomenal growth at the moment with our services now available in nine countries across three continents. The intention is to continue growing the business by expanding into other international markets.”
For businesses in the service industry like pubs, restaurants, entertainment venues or hotels, free WiFi is a key business driver. Customers now expect to be able to access WiFi for free and without any hassle. However, for the businesses themselves, not only does free WiFi attract and retain customers, it also allows these businesses to engage with their customers in a new way. 
Peadar Gormley, the CEO of MyPlace Connect explained “MyPlace Connect makes it easy for the businesses to provide free WiFi to their customers. The customer automatically connects to the internet via MyPlace Connect so there is no need for members of staff to give out passwords or logins. However for businesses themselves, one of the key features of the MyPlace Connect service is that it acts as a powerful tool in understanding their customer’s behaviour and building up a profile of their customers. In this way, MyPlace Connect supports some of the other business functions, like the marketing and sales strategy.”
Peadar Gormley, the CEO of MyPlace Connect believes MyPlace Connect represents a good investment for businesses “MyPlace Connect has received extremely positive feedback from the venues that have our services installed. In Scotland alone we’ve already got thousands of new users and the reality is that businesses recognise the fact that free WiFi is a “must have” when trying to attract customers. For MyPlace Connect’s customers who pay a monthly fee for our service, the cost of providing WiFi at such a high capacity is minimised.”
Initially developed as an advertising platform, MyPlace Connect has grown to become a highly adaptable, mobile cloud based, hotspot solution.