Saturday, 13 September 2014

The Code Institute launches new courses in Dublin

The Code Institute is launching Irelands first specialist, employment-focused coding bootcamp. The Code Institute was founded by the same people behind the Digital Marketing Institute, which is now trading in over 40 countries. The founders are hoping to repeat that success in the burgeoning coding / programming sector.

In June 2014, a major study on the Irish Software Landscape found that the #1 factor limiting the growth of both domestic and MNC’s in Ireland was the “lack of availability of able technical employees”. In fact, they went on to state that up to 55% of software development jobs in Ireland are being filled by inward immigration. The report concluded that “Ireland cannot afford to be complacent”¹.

With a shrinking pool of applicants to pick from, employers are raising starting salaries to an average €36,500 for a junior developer² in an attempt to try and attract the right candidates.

Commencing in January 2015, the Code Institute is hoping to emulate the success of the “coding bootcamp sector” in the US, whose recent graduates enjoyed a 63% employment rate and an average €20,000 bump in salary for those who did land a job³.

Anthony Quigley, founder of both the Digital Marketing Institute and the Code Institute says that, “We’re seeing an unprecedented growth in all things digital, but in particular for digital marketing and software development.”

He went on to state that: "The 63% employment rate is impressive, but we're hoping to not just match those numbers but exceed them. We're working with employers who, as the study mentions, are desperate to employ graduates with the right coding skills. There just aren’t enough coders to go around."

As an example of the practical nature of Code Institute, students will spend the the majority of their time on the course building real-word, robust applications that they can showcase to potential employers.

While there are many online coding courses available, students often require hands-on mentoring and training, while working in a team environment to gain real world experience.

“One of the keys to our success with the Digital Marketing Institute was to bring digital into the classroom, where you can learn from industry professionals. With the Code Institute, students will spend 3 months learning from some of Irelands best software developers. It’s learning on steroids.”

Coding Bootcamp

The coding bootcamp explores all the elements of coding, from frontend to backend. The course is run as a 12 week full time course or a 24 week part time course.

Each course costs €7,900 and more information on the courses can be found at on the Code Institutes website.

To learn more and sign up to an open evening, click here.