Friday, 26 September 2014

Ward Solutions helps Laya Healthcare protect the data of its 475,000 customers

Ward Solutions, an information security provider, is today announcing that it is delivering a comprehensive information security service to Laya Healthcare to protect the health insurer against emerging IT security threats and manage information security risks. The contract is valued at €120,000 over 18 months.

Laya Healthcare provides health insurance to more than 475,000 customers across Ireland and has a team of 430 employees in Dublin and Cork. As a health insurer, it deals with large amounts of confidential data and places a high priority on safeguarding the security and integrity of all of its customer’s information.

To ensure it has the most effective IT security systems and policies in place, Laya Healthcare appointed Ward Solutions to carry out a full risk assessment for the organisation. This has resulted in improved internal procedures and processes across all of its businesses. It has also focused IT spend on key areas which include compliance and protection of corporate reputation.

Ward Solutions is now also providing an Information Security Officer as a Service to Laya Healthcare with the main purpose of implementing procedures that will help the organisation attain ISO 27001 accreditation. This will deliver competitive advantage in the health insurance market for Laya Healthcare as this standard provides customers with the confidence that any risks are being effectively managed at all times and that the data of laya healthcare members is protected.

Ward’s information security officer will establish, implement and improve Laya Healthcare’s ISO 27001 compliant information security management system and will reduce the costs and time to achieve successful accreditation.

Ian Brennan, director of Information Technology, Laya Healthcare said, “We are committed to reinforcing the protection of all our confidential customer data on an ongoing basis. Ward Solutions has helped us join the dots across the organisation and has provided us with a complete overview of our information security environment. The resulting actionable reports have enabled us to become more proactive as we mitigate risk in the ever evolving security landscape.

“Also, having a deeply experienced and qualified security expert from Ward onsite a few days a week and with a single focus, has guaranteed information security is prioritised at all times. They are helping us to build a real culture of secure protection across our business.”

Brendan Molloy, business development manager, Ward Solutions, said, “Laya Healthcare has a very large and complex IT environment and as such its security infrastructure is intricate. We have many years’ experience working with businesses of all sizes and know how to see through this complexity to identify potential threats and recommend the best services and solutions that will suit their needs.

“Our goal is to ensure we are doing the right thing for our customers and our specialists spend a lot of time training and researching the latest threats so that we can always provide the very best advice and support. We will continue working closely with Laya Healthcare to give them the highest levels of confidence that risk is managed appropriately.”