Saturday, 4 October 2014

Cloud-based in-car digital content store for Honda launched

Ixonos (, the creative technology company, has delivered a cloud-based in-car digital content store for Honda, based on the Ixonos Experience Store. Known as the Honda App Center, the service will run on Honda's new Android head unit as a standard feature on all new Honda vehicles sold across Europe, starting in 2015. 

A white-label e-commerce platform, The Ixonos Experience Store for Automotive is a variant of the company's white-label e-commerce platform, designed as a solution for distributing digital content, including certified apps and services designed according to non-distraction guidelines. The Honda App Center uses a customized user interface in accordance with Honda's design guidelines, localized in 26 European languages. The App Center has a secure e-payment solution, operated by PayPal.

Honda car owners will be able to avail themselves of innovations, through the App Center, that enhance the driving experience, and the cars will stay up-to-date and connected.

The App Center is being unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, from October 4-19.