Wednesday, 22 October 2014

ESET has released Version 8 of its antivirus software

ESET has released Version 8 of its antivirus software and has achieved the highest score in the latest Parental Control test by AV-Comparatives, an independent testing authority.

With cyberbullying and various types of cybercrime targeting children, ESET Ireland is proud to announce we have received the highest score in the latest Parental Control test by AV-Comparatives, one of the most respected independent antivirus testing organisations.

ESET flagship product ESET Smart Security, which has just launched already in its eight generation – has been rated as best for web filtering among the 12 tested Windows Internet security suites with parental control. Safety for children in cyberspace is our priority and we are happy that independent tests of our products prove just that.

ESET’s newly released Version 8 also offers new technologies to offer computer users advanced security online, two of the most prominent being the Exploit Blocker and Botnet Protection.

Exploit Blocker protects applications that are often targeted for exploitation: web browsers, PDF readers, email clients, and MS Office components. The latest version of Exploit Blocker comes with the capability to uncover even more malware that exploits weaknesses in Java by monitoring and blocking any suspicious activity.

Botnet Protection prevents users falling victims to botnets – networks of infected computers, controlled by a remote attacker. ESET gives them extra reassurance that their computers will not be misused to send out spam or to launch attacks on remote servers.

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