Thursday, 30 October 2014

International Growth for Irish IT Security firm, the leading Irish IT security firm headquartered in Cork has experienced significant growth in the last twelve months due to the success in exporting its services into the United Kingdom and mainland European markets. With offices in Cork, Dublin and Belfast, the expansion of’s services into foreign markets has resulted in the recruitment of additional engineers for its Secure Operating Centre (‘SOC’) which is responsible for its “managed security systems”.  

Speaking about's role in the domestic economy, Ronan Murphy, CEO of IT Security Company said that “ is the latest company in a very long list of Irish SME’s that are helping drive the domestic economy and grow Ireland’s GNP by exporting its services. It is companies like that are at the front of the export led recovery, who are creating highly skilled and well-paid jobs in the domestic economy on the back of international sales.”

According to Ronan Murphy, CEO of “the growth of Smarttech over the last year has been extremely satisfying. The strategy for the last 12 months has focused on developing export markets, and taking advantage of the potential offered by international sales. The exporting of Smarttech’s managed security systems into the United Kingdom and mainland European markets has been the driving force behind this growth. One of the most pleasing aspects of the expansion of Smarttech into new markets is the creation of new, highly skilled and well-paid jobs in the Irish economy.”

“Having established as one of the leading IT security firms in Ireland, breaking into new markets was the logical next step in order to continue growing the company as well as maintaining our competitive position. In the last six months alone, has had major client wins in the United Kingdom and in Europe across a range of sectors including transport, energy, finance, government, retail and healthcare. This is a real endorsement of the quality and expertise offered by Smarttech in the field of IT security.” continued Ronan Murphy, CEO of IT Security Company

Mirror Image of Ireland’s economic recovery

The story is indicative of the Irish economic recovery which has been due in large part to the export led growth. It also shows the importance of service exports in the make-up of Ireland’s export structure in recent years, which accounted for just over 50% of the total.
In 2013, the total value of Ireland’s exports reached €184bn, which represented growth of just 0.9% on 2012 levels, with exports of services rising by 7.9%, while exports of merchandise such as physical goods fell by 5.4%.

What the future holds for

Speaking about future plans for, Ronan Murphy, CEO of IT Security Company said that “ has been able to expand from a position of strength in our domestic market, which has meant the team has been able to concentrate its efforts on winning new work in export markets.’s clients now include some of Europe’s best known companies from across a range of sectors.’s business is quite easily scalable, so it is a question of perusing the right opportunities at the right time.”