Friday, 17 October 2014

Irish Tech Company Launches Free Ebola Guidelines App

Medical eGuides – a software and app development company based at Dublin’s Digital Hub – has launched a new app aimed at providing healthcare workers with access to World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines on Ebola, designed to keep them safe while treating suspected cases of, or patients infected with, the disease.

The ‘Ebola Guidelines’ app is available now – free of charge – on the Google Android Store and will be released next week on the Apple app store.

Amongst other areas, the app details what patient isolation is required in relation to Ebola, how healthcare workers should don and remove Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and how contaminated waste should be managed.

Commenting today, Eamonn Costello, Managing Director of Medical eGuides, said: “Being well versed on WHO protocols on Ebola is critical, as a single lapse can lead to a spread of the disease.

“Lapses in protocol have already led to infections in healthcare workers in mainland Europe and the USA. While we hope healthcare workers here in Ireland are not faced with treating Ebola patients, nonetheless being prepared and understanding the protocols is critical should the situation arise.

“The HSE has published Ebola response plans and guidelines for healthcare workers, but medical representative bodies such as the Irish Medical Organisation and the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation have called for greater distribution of information, guidelines and training.

“The ‘Ebola Guidelines’ app provides WHO-approved content in a free, easy-to-use format, which healthcare staff can view on their smartphones.”

Further information about Medical eGuides is available /