Sunday, 19 October 2014

Mac Threats on the Rise: Five Tips to Stay Safe

Continually over the last several years malware for Mac OS X is on the rise. ESET researchers have put together several tips on how to stay safe on Mac platforms.

Even if OSX is safer than Windows, the reality is that it’s still vulnerable to malicious software, and as they grow in popularity, the system is increasingly likely to be popular target for malicious malware creators.

Here are five golden rules to be safer on your Mac:
Keep your software up to date: Mac system updates will automatically prompt you to download them, as will updates for apps downloaded through the Mac App Store.
Do not use unofficial programs: Try to stick to official, well documented and supported programs from trusted companies.
Don’t open emails from unknown sources: If you don’t know the person emailing you, then it’s best to steer clear as it could well be a malware attack aimed at your Mac.
Take care when downloading from the web: As broadband is the norm these days, it’s remarkably easy to download all kinds of stuff without thinking. Make sure that what you’re downloading is what it promises to be, and make sure it’s a reliable source.
Have a modern 3rd party security solution: Even Macs need a modern security system nowadays, to be protected from the nasties the Internet can throw their way.

To read more about Mac threats see ESET’s infographic: Straight facts about Mac malware.