Friday, 3 October 2014

Michele Neylon speaks at Domains Latin America

Blacknight CEO Michele Neylon will deliver a keynote speech of the Domains Latin America Conference (Dominios Latinoamérica).

The Domains Latin America Conference (Dominios Latinoam̩rica )will be held in Mexico City, Mexico at the Centro Internacional De Expositions Y Convenciones from October 7 Р8, 2014. The event is geared toward the Internet Technology community and focuses on marketing, data security, new gTLDs and strengthening inter-industry relationships.

Domains Latin America is the portal for Internet domain names, content hosting, housing, e-marketing, cloud computing, telecommuting applications, mobile Internet, with particular focus on developing SME business in Latin America and Caribbean. Domains Latin America provides current industry related news and information, including tutorials for the use of tools, the opinion of international and regional experts, live events, webinars, newsletters and documents.

Blacknight CEO Michele Neylon is a seasoned speaker, who regularly addresses global audiences on the domain name and hosting industry as well as on international Internet policy. Neylon will give the keynote titled “Business Opportunities with Internet Domains: Resellers, Registrars and Other Models”. The discussion will cover ways in which the region may benefit from emerging opportunities within the domain space.

“I’m very excited to speak at the Domains Latin America Conference,” Neylon states. “The Latin American and Caribbean region is incredibly rich and interesting and there are many opportunities for companies of all shapes and sizes to take advantage of and leverage the Internet. We are delighted to be associated with the event and I look forward to sharing our experiences and learning from the other speakers and attendees.”

Additional sessions include: Where is my data stored: The issue of data privacy, Is my data safe in the cloud: Challenges of online security, Domains and challenges of cybersecurity, Internet Growth in Latin America and the Caribbean: challenges and future scenarios, and Marketing Domain Names: the role of registries and registrars in the Internet ecosystem.

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