Wednesday, 29 October 2014

MyPlace Connect free WiFi expands to 10th country

MyPlace Connect, Ireland’s largest free WiFi network provider has announced it’s launch into it’s tenth country earlier this month. The free WiFi service from MyPlace Connect has now been deployed in Luxembourg, becoming the tenth country where MyPlace Connect operates.  
Luxembourg has become the latest country for MyPlace Connect to deploy it’s free WiFi service to and is a signal of the ongoing national and international expansion of MyPlace Connect. With hundreds of locations across Europe, USA and Asia, MyPlace Connect is now a fully 24 / 7 business operating on three different continents. 
According to Peadar Gormley CEO of MyPlace Connect “this latest deployment of MyPlace Connect free WiFI to Luxembourg, makes it the 10th market that we operate in. It’s exciting and challenging as we grow our business from our Dublin Headquarters, however as a company MyPlace Connect continues to invest in technology solutions so as to ensure the best customer experience possible.”  
“Hassle free WiFi that is easily accessible plays a key role in attracting customers for most businesses in the service industry. For the hotels, pubs, restaurants, shopping centres, entertainment and sports venues that have MyPlace Connect services installed, it means no more DIY WiFi and wasting time handing out passwords, as registered users of MyPlace Connect automatically connect to the free WiFi network” said Peadar Gormley
“When MyPlace Connect started operating in Ireland, it was quite easy to track usage and demand due to our familiarity with the market, however when you add locations in Asia and the United States, this adds a new dimension to your business emerges. Literary, every second of every day, customers are using free WiFi on the MyPlace Connect network somewhere on any of three continents” said Peadar Gormley. 
“Growing an international business from Ireland has it’s challenges, but there are some really positive aspects for MyPlace Connect as a global technology company. We benefit from the global reputation of many great Irish companies, Irish brands and indeed Irish people, who have helped MyPlace Connect get the door opened for us in markets that we couldn’t possibly imagine. Working with Enterprise Ireland we expect further international growth in the next number of months, alongside strong expansion in the Hotel and Accommodation market in Ireland, England and Europe” concluded Peadar Gormley, CEO of MyPlace Connect. 
MyPlace Connect, as well as being Ireland’s largest free WiFi network provider also support hundreds of venues in England, France, Germany, India, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Scotland, Switzerland and the United States.