Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Average annual cost of cybercrime on the rise

Due to rising costs of cybercrime, ESET increases cooperation with the business community and re-engineers its products to meet today’s challenges.

Sobering statistics on the cost of cybercrime published by the InfoSec Institute last year says that the average annual cost of cybercrime increased by 26% over the previous year to $11.56 million USD, ranging from $1.3 million to $58 million per organization. The report also highlights that recovery and detection as the most costly internal activities. According to Annual global survey of EY, over 37% of companies have no real-time insight on cyber risks, lacking agility. They also lack budget and skills to combat rising cybercrime.

ESET conducted in depth interviews with customers and IT professionals around the world to learn more about today’s and tomorrow’s business requirements. These findings are at the heart of ESET’s complete reengineering and redesign of its business products to provide the best protection while lowering the demands on the IT teams.

In the latest AV-Comparatives Anti-Phishing test, ESET scored at the top of the ranking, providing the most comprehensive phishing protection of all tested products.

“After developing the world’s top security products for over two decades we decided on revolution rather than evolution in our product design and architecture. Using our decades-long experience and industry-leading expertise, and by performing extensive research among our current and future clients, we are now delivering our new, robust and unified business product portfolio,” said Richard Marko, Chief Executive Officer at ESET. “Small businesses and large enterprises require solutions that provide the best user experience and the highest level of protection. ESET’s new business products can handle simple and complex network configurations, and local or global operations, including multi-lingual environments, while delivering the highest performance and effectiveness.”

ESET NOD32 technology has an unbeaten record when it comes to malware detection - with 87 consecutive VB100 awards for detection of ‘in-the-wild’ threats, more than any other IT security product vendor. ESET products have unbroken record of VB100 test for over 11 years.

"ESET’s products have a superb record in our comparatives stretching back many years, with reliably excellent performances in test after test," said John Hawes, Chief of Operations at Virus Bulletin. "Their commitment to quality shines through in every aspect of their products, from the attractive and highly usable interface design on the surface to rock-solid stability, low impact on system performance and of course dependable protection from the full spectrum of threats facing our devices and data."