Sunday, 30 November 2014

Ireland’s Leading Companies Get on Board with Research Community

The Irish business community is getting on board with researchers at a showcase event to be held next week, on Tuesday, 2nd December on theMV Cill Airne, North Wall Quay, Dublin 2, located across from the Convention Centre, Dublin.

The Irish Research Council will bring together leading Irish companies and the country’s top postgraduate research students to highlight what can be achieved when industry and academia join forces to engage in cutting-edge research that is demand-led and enterprise oriented.

To coincide with this event, the Irish Research Council will also announce the 2014 Employment Based Postgraduate awards, which represent a significant funding investment and will enable postgraduate students in all academic disciplines to work and undertake research in a business, not-for-profit, NGO or governmental organisation.

48 students will be awarded and will begin their placement early next year in over 45 employment partner companies and organisations, a mix of indigenous SMEs and multinational corporations including: IBM; enBIO; Oxymem; Galvanic; Future Analytics and more.

The projects are wide ranging and diverse, including: optimising innovative, energy efficient wastewater treatment facilities; developments in surface treatment for the European Space Agency; undertaking risk assessment for urban development and planning; enhancing stress reduction through gaming; and developing community engagement strategies to reduce HIV transmission.

press-call will take place at the event – at 11.30am on Tuesday 2ndDecember.  At that time, a number of companies involved in the programme, as well as the research students who are being awarded funding, will be available for media comment, including:

·         Professor Orla Feely, Chair of the Irish Research Council;
·         William Hynes, Managing Director, Future Analytics;
·         Daragh McDonnell, CTO, Galvanic;
·         Eoin Syron, Technical Director, Oxymem;
·         Gavin Shorten, Development & Innovation Program Manager, IBM Ireland.

The Minister of State for Skills, Research and Innovation, Damien English TD, will officially announce the 2014 awards on Tuesday at12.15pm, and Professor Orla Feely, Chair of the Irish Research Council, will also deliver an address. 

Commenting in advance of the event, Professor Orla Feely, Chair of the Irish Research Council, said: “Increasingly, Irish companies are seeing the benefit of engaging with academia in order to remain competitive in the global economy. By working closely with researchers, companies can accelerate their innovation process. They are able to bring their products to market faster, gain expertise in specialist areas and, at the same time, help graduates become better equipped for the business world.

“Industry-academia partnerships have changed the way we live in and have resulted in the development of products which affect our day-to-day lives including: internet search technology; cancer treatment; weather prediction software; the list is endless.

“At next Tuesday’s event, we will highlight the opportunities and benefits for companies working with research students, including development of new products, streamlining processes, and also building competitive advantage. The Irish Research Council’s Employment Based Postgraduate programme continues to deliver on the Action Plan for Jobs through the creation of research-based employment opportunities and increasing participation of Irish indigenous SMEs.” 

For more information on the Irish Research Council’s Employment Based Programme, visit