Wednesday, 24 December 2014

A personal message from GEW on the Year of Growth

Silicon Ireland News is a great supporter of the Global Entrepreneurs Network. We see many important factors effecting Ireland and beyond. Here is a a message from Jonathan Ortmans, President, Global Entrepreneurship Week :-

'A Year of Growth for the GEW 

Seven years ago, I stood in a small London conference room with former Prime Minister Gordon Brown—at the time he was still Chancellor of the Exchequer and hadn’t moved into 10 Downing Street yet—and with others, we launched Global Entrepreneurship Week. While we were confident and excited about the fledgling “campaign”, I don’t know that anyone could have envisioned exactly where we are today.

This November, 150 countries—representing 95% of the world’s population—officially celebrated GEW through tens of thousands of events, activities and competitions. While the official metrics will be released when the 2015 GEW Impact Report is published next March at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Milan, I encourage you to look beyond the numbers—and beyond the Week itself—at the remarkable network that has coalesced around building one global entrepreneurial ecosystem.

This “Global Entrepreneurship Network” or GEN as it has now come to be known, is comprised of individuals and organizations representing all parts of the ecosystem. Startup community leaders, researchers, policymakers, educators, investors and of course, the entrepreneurs themselves—from young dreamers to experienced founders. Together, they are working in new and smarter ways to bring out the best from their communities in an effort to unleash innovation and drive economic growth—making the world a better place.

This year, GEN had a number of successes to celebrate. I’m excited about them all, but perhaps the most emblematic was the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in March which the Moscow Times recently named as the Best Business Event of 2014. Hosted in Moscow at a time of major geopolitical friction when national differences were under the world’s microscope, the GEC demonstrated a common humanity emphasizing the similarities among startup communities and the willingness of those leading entrepreneurial ecosystems across the planet to collaborate and flourish.

2015 promises to continue the evolution of this network—driven by the communities and countries that celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week. I invite you all to join me in Milan, Italy, next March for the Global Entrepreneurship Congress where we will take the world stage once again and open a new chapter in the blooming of the entrepreneurial renaissance.'