Thursday, 18 December 2014

Damovo Survey - 86% of multinationals lack total control of voice infrastructure despite huge cost of downtime

New European research from a study commissioned by Damovo Global Services has found that 86% of European multinationals do not have total control over their voice infrastructure. This is despite an average cost of €200,000 per day to the business if voice infrastructure was to go down.

The study was carried out by independent research company Coleman Parkes and commissioned by Damovo Global Services, a leading provider of enterprise communications solutions and services. Multinationals from across Europe took part in the survey which explored the role of voice communications within multinational businesses.

81% of multinationals see voice as critical to their organisation and 35% admitted there would be a severe or business-destroying impact on their operations if the voice system went down. However, almost nine out of ten organisations admit they lack total visibility and management of the voice infrastructure across all territories and fail to carry out regular business continuity testing to plan for and prevent failures on the network. The leading consequences of downtime on the voice network are seen to be loss of productivity (57%), loss of customers (55%), loss of revenues (47%) and reputational damage (40%).

Less than half (45%) of organisations involved in the survey said their voice infrastructure currently supports flexible work practices while just one third (33%) currently supports Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

More than half of multinationals (57%) who took part in the research are planning to upgrade and invest in their voice systems in the next three to five years. Potential challenges of upgrades and investment include the complexity of upgrading multiple voice technologies across different locations, the threat of service disruption, lack of in-house technical expertise and risks associated with “rip and replace” transformation projects.

Mary Bradshaw, managing director, Damovo Global Services, said, “The survey results are very thought provoking. We have always understood the importance of voice within business. This research further validates that view with 81% of respondents seeing voice as critical to their organisation. What is astounding is that only 14% have total control over this critical function. This is a serious business issue. Organisations are exposing themselves to the potential loss of customers, revenue and reputational damage.

“Also interesting is while many global organisations do centrally manage their voice infrastructure, they still feel that they lack total control. This is completely understandable because voice is very complex to manage, especially on a global scale across multiple technology platforms, sites and countries.

“This research also highlighted the fact that while 57% of multinationals said they plan to transform their voice infrastructure in the next few years, they are concerned about selecting both the right technology strategy and the potential risk and disruption that a large transformation will bring to the organisation.  Organisations can easily alleviate risk and overcome challenges by adopting a phased approach to technology upgrades and by working with the right partner who both understands voice in its many guises and also the varying requirements of different territories.
“At Damovo, we believe it is not just about supporting the business, but also about understanding the organisation’s goals and challenges. Only then do we develop the right strategy, and implement it at a comfortable pace.”