Sunday, 25 January 2015

INEX chooses TelecityGroup Ireland's Northwest Business Park for 6th point of presence

TelecityGroup in Ireland, Europe’s leading provider of premium carrier-neutral data centres, and the Internet Neutral Exchange Association (INEX) have announced a new partnership, which will result in an INEX point of presence (PoP) opening in TelecityGroup Ireland’s largest data centre in Northwest Business Park, Dublin. INEX now has a point of presence across all three TelecityGroup Dublin data centres.

This agreement will create new Internet peering opportunities for TelecityGroup customers in the Northwest Business Park data centre. Peering with INEX reduces latency and transit costs by creating a marketplace whereby members can directly connect, interconnect and exchange IP traffic with over 70 INEX members.

TelecityGroup Ireland’s Northwest Business Park data centre will be INEX's 6th Internet Exchange Point in Dublin, all linked by dedicated, resilient dark fibre. This enables TelecityGroup customers to deploy resilient connections to INEX, further reinforcing the redundant nature of TelecityGroup data centres. TelecityGroup’s three Dublin data centres are home to Internet connectivity and cloud providers, which in turn attracts customers from the financial, content, gaming and digital media sectors.

TelecityGroup has been chosen to host INEX’s 6th Internet Exchange Point to provide the resilience and capacity to support the ever-increasing internet traffic in Ireland. INEX’s data shows that peak internet traffic in Ireland has increased from 40 gigabits-per-second (Gbs) in 2013 to 70Gbs in 2014, a rise of 75pc. This rise is in line with the evolution of applications, which, as they become more bandwidth-intensive, require more internet capacity to guarantee a fast and responsive internet experience for end-users.

Maurice Mortell, VP of Emerging Markets & Country Manager for TelecityGroup Ireland, said, “Internet usage in Ireland is growing exponentially, due in no small part to the role INEX has played in improving the peering and interconnecting environment for network operators and organisations that require high bandwidth.

“Our highly connected carrier-neutral data centres are positioned at the heart of Ireland’s rapidly expanding digital economy so it’s a logical partnership that has demonstrated and continues to demonstrate success within TelecityGroup. We are delighted that INEX has chosen to partner with us to provide high speed, secure connectivity and that INEX continues to recognise the premium standard of our data centres. We look forward to supporting its continued growth.”

Barry Rhodes, CEO of INEX, said, “INEX’s mission is to provide high-speed, reliable and resilient IP traffic exchange facilities for both Irish and international IP service and content providers, allowing them to route IP traffic efficiently within Ireland and thereby provide a better end user internet experience.

“The partnership with TelecityGroup has cemented our commitment to increase our presence across multiple data centres in Ireland and we look forward to increasing our footprint in line with exponential internet growth.”