Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Ward Solutions predicts growth in BYOX and managed security services in 2015

Ward Solutions, predicts that there will be an increase in spending on BYOX or mobile security in 2015 due to the volume and variety of mobile devices used by staff. It also predicts that more companies will seek managed security services this year.

The use of mobile devices by staff continues to grow and there is added pressure on companies to accommodate this within security policies. The provider said appropriate security technologies and guidelines need to be put in place to enforce mobile security controls.

Ward Solutions saw its managed security services offerings grow by more than 25% in 2014. Organisations are increasingly looking to dedicated managed security service providers to outsource security services due to the cost and difficulty of managing security internally.  The provider also expects to see an increase in internal security incidents, either intentional or accidental from employees, or trusted third parties, resulting in more focus on insider threat programmes for companies.

Theft of private information and data on their devices is one of the biggest issues facing consumers this year. Research from 2014 shows that 92% of users store private information on their devices and loss or theft of this data would pose serious consequences. Ransomware infections which attempt to extort money from internet uses are expected to be a major concern for consumers in 2015. Last year, extremely sophisticated phishing and spear phishing targeted individuals and resulted in stolen passwords, credit card details and fraudulent eBanking activities.

Ward Solutions said in many cases where organisations outsource functions, proper security measures do not exist. The provider said it is critical that the security policies and processes surrounding outsourced functions are in place in order to avoid breaches and data leaks.

When it comes to cloud, Ward Solutions anticipates that more businesses will adopt "cloud first" strategies in 2015 due to their cost effectiveness and agility. However, it highlighted the importance of a better understanding of security issues and challenges associated with cloud computing to ensure successful outcomes. The provider also forecasts more companies moving to hybrid cloud, where some services are moved to cloud and others are kept on-premise, as it is cost effective and a low barrier to entry to cloud computing. It also means more sensitive information can be kept on-premise while less sensitive information can be kept in the cloud.

Figures show that 10% of enterprise security product capabilities will be offered as a cloud service by 2015. Ward Solutions predicts growth of cloud as the delivery model for security services as firewall management, SIEM (security information and event management) and MDM (mobile device management) continue to expand.

The information security expert also foresees an increased focus on information governance due to the new EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is expected to come into place in 2015.

Paul Hogan, chief technology officer, Ward Solutions, said, "Information security in 2015 will face new concerns and new versions of old concerns. One of the biggest issues facing for businesses this year is BYOX and managing the multitude of mobile services used by staff in a secure manner.

"Another huge concern is considering the security posture of outsourced functions to a third party provider. Companies need to ask whether the provider has security policies in place and if not, will they adapt to your policies? Do they have the necessary people, technology and process control in place to deliver on security policies?

"To overcome concerns and ensure the correct measures are in place to deal with security incidents, we predict that more and more businesses will seek managed security services to allay concerns."