Thursday, 26 February 2015

Silent Circle acquires Geeksphone´s stake in SGP, the company developing Blackphone

Geeksphone, the Spanish company founded in 2009 and dedicated to the design and manufacture of last generation smartphones, announced today an agreement to sell its 50% stake in SGP, a company cofounded in 2014 with Silent Circle that has developed Blackphone, a project based on security and data privacy in mobile environments. After the agreement, SGP will remain fully under Silent Circle control.
The transaction consideration remains confidential.
SGP will keep its Madrid offices to continue developing the Blackphone project. Javier Aguera, Geeksphone and SGP cofounder, will remain in the company as Blackphone´s Chief Scientist.
Geeksphone wishes the best for the Blackphone project, which is becoming a real revolution for the mobile industry.
The Spanish company will keep developing new and innovative mobile projects such as the recently announced wearable,Geeksme.