Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Trademark issue with Nokia Here now resolved

On the 30th January 2015 Lowdownapp Ltd received a 104 page letter from the Finnish Giant Nokia regarding its 'trademark' of the word HERE, or HERE sign as they call it.

Why didn't Nokia call us and negotiate with us, before sending a 104 page letter of this level.

It's so heavy handed, all they needed to do was call us up, tell us about Nokia Here, then ask us to please change the name.

They are acting like a corporate bully, there was no need to be so strong with their approach.

Nokia must understand innovation comes from all sources and startups are innovating heavily in all areas of technology.

The name chosen for the free app named HERE was not meant to cause any brand confusion, it was the most literal communication of what the service does. We also believe there is no confusion to be had (the logos are distinctly different). That being said, work is already underway to develop and implement a new name for the Lowdown HERE service. The volume of this work is significant and may take until the end of March to complete but we've been given an ultimatum that it be removed by the 10th of February. This is a rather short period of time for a small team who have more important priorities; making a success of their actual brand, Lowdown.

In the meantime we are updating our marketing information (Lowdown website, Twitter feed, Apple App Store etc) to stress that our service is not part of Nokia here.

An honest mistake has been made and one we will act as swiftly as possible to correct, but the level of heavy handedness is somewhat appalling when aimed at such a small and relatively young business.