Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Day 2 of Mobile World Congress 2015 - to wear or not to wear!

To be honest I have said many times, the size of the show can be difficult to deal with when there are only two people covering a show. You have to spend time absorbing the sheer scale of announcements. You have a choice, do you cover everything or do you focus on a couple of things that helps keep the detail of the conference more readable to those who are interested in specifics.

The main focus for me and Pete was the wearables market, with the introduction of the Apple watch coming next month, how the other major players were adapting.

the surprise for me was Pebble, they have the most to lose, but the loyalty of it supporters of Kickstarter have shown just what it can do. They have also added some lovely additions to the offer, with 'smart bands' and metal casing some that look very similar to Apple.

The other main area of interest for us is security, and the amount of companies trying to fit the gap in this crowded market. We will be posting individual interviews with key security companies in the coming days.

Finally, it is good to see a larger Northern Ireland stand this year. Lots of things now happening in Belfast.