Saturday, 28 March 2015

Ireland - Healthcare businesses in the crosshairs

Medical and healthcare data breaches on the rise - 27.5% increase, medical records fetch better coin on the black market than payment card data.

In light of the recent Premera and Anthem data breaches, a spotlight is now shining on healthcare businesses, regarding their ability to defend patients’ sensitive information. Security wonks have been warning for years that healthcare businesses are in a lot of trouble, security-wise. Criminals are targeting medical records because of their value, and as a result, medical breaches are the fastest growing type of breach. What can businesses do to get themselves out of the crosshairs?

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, there were 783 medical breaches in 2014, compared with 614 breaches on the 2013 ITRC Breach List, a dramatic increase of 27.5 percent year over year. This has put healthcare industry breaches in first place for the largest number of breaches, for the last several years running, with over 40% of the total number of breaches. This is no surprise: medical records are worth moreon the black market than payment card data.

Medical records are likely to remain a tempting target as long as there is a sufficient return on criminals’ investment of time and effort. So what can healthcare businesses do to help reverse this trend? It is important for healthcare practitioners and businesses to take extra care of their patients’ data, as well as their health. By increasing security, they can decrease the return on investment for criminals, and they may pass such an organisation by.

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