Thursday, 26 March 2015

The Next Web opens an Academy

The Next Web wants to help improve your personal and professional life, reason why they've launched a new platform: TNW Academy.

While other online education platforms focus on quantity, TNW partners with a select number of world-class instructors who have proven track records.

Each instructor has developed content that’s more cutting-edge than you'd find on most university courses, with subjects ranging from marketing to web development and personal career management.

To guard quality, TNW partners with Fedora, the course creation platform of choice for innovative brands and individuals.

Because the instructor owns and manages their content and communications, the student will be truly connected to the thought-leader teaching the course and won’t be spammed with mass marketing messages.

TNW offers a discount for all new students. Coupon code 'LAUNCH' for 20% off on all courses until Friday 3/27.

TNW Academy