Sunday, 19 April 2015

BBooster Week, Looking for European Startups

Bbooster Week Vienna is prepared to receive the best European startups so that investors coming from Europe can invest in the best projects. This week is organized by Bbooster, the only Accelerator Venture Fund regulated in Southern Europe, in collaboration with Pioneers Festival. During this event participants will work intensively on their own projects to win and receive 24.000€ direct investment.

This event will be held in Vienna (Austria) just before the Pioneers Festival (May 24 to 27th). The deadline for registration is still open, and the organization is already selecting the first finalists for the contest. They’re looking for startups and projects with traction on seed stage, to help them achive the next level. The candidates should have their focus on selling and demonstrate during the week their ability in areas such as design, financial terms, business models and pitch.

A large group of European investors are invited to meet the best selection of international startups. Some of them will be those who will evaluate startups and, after making an investment committee, will choose the winner. Also, the participants will receive mentorship of important professionals such as Jean-Baptiste Dumont (Serena Capital), Arek Wylegalski (Index Ventures), Robert Hegedüs (Fiedler Capital), Tim Van de Heede (IBM) or Enrique Penichet (Bbooster).

The purpose of this event is to promote the entrepreneurial ecosystem in a different environment on one to one basis, as well as helped by experienced professionals. Also, it’s an opportunity to create networking between entrepreneurs and international investors which may be interested in entering in the startups on future rounds.

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