Wednesday, 1 April 2015

CarTrawler sponsors Science to Data Science Summer Academy in London

CarTrawler, a leading travel technology company is delighted to announce its partnership with Pivigo Academy, the organisers of a pioneering Data Science Summer School in London dubbed S2DS (Science to Data Science). This is the second year CarTrawler have sponsored the project which aims to recruit 100 of Europe’s brightest PhD students and turn them into data scientists during a five-week intensive course.

Speaking in Dublin today, Bobby Healy, Chief Technology Officer of CarTrawler commented: “We’re proud to be involved in S2DS once again. The combination of talented academics and cutting-edge data science, coupled with our unique scale and diversity of input data provides the perfect storm for innovation”. He added, “CarTrawler uses data science to anticipate the customer’s needs and help them to find the right mode of transport, not just the right price. Maintaining this competitive advantage requires continual investment in and experimentation with new technologies, ideas and data strategies. It’s an important reason why we’re supporting Science to Data Science (S2DS) as a premium partner, as it supports the development of the next-generation of data scientists”.

S2DS is the brain child of Swedish astrophysicist Kim Nilsson who has first-hand experience of the difficulties that many academics encounter when trying to find their first job within the commercial sector.

“We are very pleased to have CarTrawler with us again for the 2015 edition of S2DS. The CarTrawler projects last year were some of the most successful ones, in that the two teams managed to deliver a solution to a problem in a very short time, and with potentially a great impact on CarTrawler’s business. It really proved to us how it can be relatively easy, and very rewarding, for companies to get started and continue with data science given the right talent and incentive. To us, the CarTrawler story is inspirational and motivating, and we are proud to be associated with such an innovative company. We welcome CarTrawler’s participation in S2DS again, and look forward to another successful and exciting event this summer”, explained Kim Nilsson.

Candidates with a PhD in analytical science (or similar degree) and a proven data analysis background and statistical knowledge can now apply for a place on the course via The deadline for course applicants is Monday 6th April 2015. Successful applicants will pay only a small registration fee and are eligible for free single room ensuite student accommodation. For more information or to apply please go to