Monday, 6 April 2015

New eLearning platform launched for busy professionals

KnowledgeBase, the Dublin based eLearning start-up has launched a new interactive online learning resource aimed at providing busy professionals with detailed information on a range of important legal, regulatory and business subjects. Using state of the art technology, KnowledgeBase blends the necessary online content with video tutorials and also provides a mechanism for tracking progress and understanding.

KnowledgeBase’s first offering is an interactive, easy to use, online resource for the new Companies Act 2014, the largest piece of legislation enacted in the history of the state. The combination of a platform developed by leading web developers and content that has been created and reviewed by distinguished company law experts has brought about an extremely powerful tool which functions both as a convenient guide to the new Companies Act and also an easy to use and convenient method of further education for busy professionals.

According to Maeve Harrington, Director of KnowledgeBase “there is an increasing move away from traditional classroom based learning for people working in professions throughout Ireland. Using a facility such as KnowledgeBase, Solicitors, Barristers, Accountants, Auditors and Company Directors are able to bring themselves up to speed with complex legislation such as the Companies Act 2014. The response from professionals has helped inform the platform that KnowledgeBase has created, ensuring that user functionality is central and access is available from any device. While seminars and books are useful, KnowledgeBase’s’ comprehensive online resource which can be accessed 24/7 in the office or on the go, will change the way users reference information and acquire training in relation to the Companies Act 2014.”

“KnowledgeBase combines expert knowledge in a particular field with a comprehensive interactive eLearning platform consisting of explanatory video tutorials, succinct text and end of module quick quizzes from a team of experts for which CPD points (Continuing Professional Development) will be awarded. KnowledgeBase is aimed at upskilling busy professionals with accessible and best in class learning resources so that professionals can do what they do best and add maximum value to their organization” said Maeve Harrington.

Speaking about the new Companies Act 2014, which is the first subject to be covered by KnowledgeBase, Maeve Harrington said “the entire content of the new Act is presented in such a way that it is intuitive and easy to access and it is clearly explained what changes have been made and which parts remain the same. The ease of navigation for all visitors and the depth of this resource is further enhanced by a refined search facility. The commentary and online tutorials presented are focused on the key changes that are contained within the Companies Act 2014.”  

KnowledgeBase launched in March 2015 initially focusing on busy professionals and company Directors who are preparing for the formal introduction of the Companies Act when it comes into force on 1st June 2015.

The KnowledgeBase team has been brought together by Peter Stewart, a veteran of a number of start-ups businesses in financial and management services and has extensive leadership and director experience including a spell as a director of NAMA. The team includes content director, Anthony Thuillier barrister, lecturer and author of “Company Law in Ireland”, Maeve Harrington a seasoned marketing professional and project manager and Mark Stewart of Cloud Nine Consulting who heads up the tech developmen