Sunday, 10 May 2015

7 Years ago today!

So this weekend in 2008, Greg and myself started planning an event for Technology startups in Ireland, this led to us being so interested we started to blog about it.

Now 7 years later we are still talking about technology across Ireland. But wow has the Irish tech scene changed. We have home grown startups on a global stage, we have Google, Microsoft, Apple all here along with hundreds of American and European Startups.

We have the Web Summit, the biggest International meeting of technology, and everything else, we have hundreds of blogs on technology across Ireland  & we even have 'Silicon Docks'.

Who would have known that 7 years ago this blog would become such a part of our lives. Pete & myself cover Ireland from East to West and love every minute of it.

We thank you the readers for continuing to visit our pages, and reading the 2600 articles and posts, we thank the 30,000 twitter followers who have had 18,000 tweets and we thank the sponsors who have continued to support our little bit of cyberspace news.

Thank you all

Charlie, Greg, Pete