Thursday, 21 May 2015

Blacknight Introduces Jelastic, A Developer’s Dream

Blacknight announce the addition of Jelastic, the developer’s dream platform, to their suite of services.

Jelastic is the only zero code change PaaS that frees developers from coding to proprietary APIs. Any application can be supported in Jelastic with no complex APIs to code to with no changes required for cross platform deployment. Both new and legacy applications can be migrated to the cloud in minutes.

What this means is that Jelastic basically allows developers to deploy applications in seconds without making any code changes; users may simply upload and go. Jelastic also offers Enterprise-class availability and isolated containers mean that failures do not affect other environments. Provided database replication and horizontal scalability ensure the highest availability.

Because Jelastic offers unique, fully elastic scalability, users save up to 73% over other solutions as they only pay for resources used, not chunks of resources reserved. “Our new Jelastic powered cloud will help give Irish and European developers the flexibility and control they want without the dangers of unexpected overages,” states Blacknight CEO Michele Neylon. “With over 20 thousand attendees at the recent Web Summit in Dublin we know that Ireland is a popular location for digital startups, so now we’re able to offer a hosting solution to meet their needs.”

Blacknight chose to offer Jelastic over competing services because it combines best of breed technology with a truly unique platform allowing their customers to work faster and smarter. Also, Blacknight operates all of their hosted services through their in-house, green, data centre. Because the data centre is located locally, in Ireland, Blacknight’s hosted services are not subject to the privacy concerns that other hosting services with data centres in the United States may be beholden.

Blacknight CTO Paul Kelly, explains “We are very excited to provide a solution for developers to build scalable web apps for their customers and know what their minimum and maximum spend will be, i.e. they control how scalable the app is, from 1 ‘cloudlet’ to 16 ‘cloudlet’s. Users can deploy on Java (Multiple Java installs), PHP (multiple versions), Ruby (multiple versions), Node.js, and Python (multiple versions).Jelastic also scales up and out so you can increase the number of cloudlets that an individual instance has, or you can create more instances if, say, the first instance is busy for an interval.”

Blacknight customers can begin deploying Jelastic today.

To find out more about Jelastic on the Blacknight hosting platform please visit: