Saturday, 2 May 2015

iPad Pro - Rumours Release date

The iPad Pro/iPad Plus is a rumour; a legend. And perhaps even a genuine Apple product in development right now. It's one of the most speculated-about and hyped-up fantasy Apple products of the past few years - right up there with the Apple Watch - but unlike Apple's new wearable we don't know for sure if it even exists. Still, as we shall see, there is growing evidence to suggest that an iPad Pro (or an iPad Plus, or something similar) will launch, and launch soon.

We hoped the iPad Pro might get a mention at the iPad Air 2 launch event, but no such luck; Apple fans were again disappointed when the iPad Pro didn't get a mention at the Apple Watch launch event (although we had predicted this!). It looks like we'll have to wait until early to mid-2015 to see Apple's big-screen iPad Pro.

In a nutshell our verdict on the iPad Pro/iPad Plus

This article is going to cover a large volume of rumours, speculation, clues, hints, leaked evidence and informed analysis about the iPad Pro. But for those who don't want all the detail, we've summed up our thoughts on the subject in this opening section. It's a sort of TL;DR for the article as a whole.

Our feelings about the iPad Pro could be summed up in one word:hmmm. We don't think it would make a lot of sense to launch a 12-inch iPad right now, given the declining interest in the tablet market as a whole, and conversely the success of the iPad mini line over the past few years: the reason people are buying fewer tablets is not down to the screens being too small. The solid markets for Apple at the moment are laptops and smartphones; the growth markets for the next few years are wearables and the smart home. Launching a big, costly tablet would be an odd move to make in 2015.

(That doesn't mean it won't happen, of course. Tim Cook isn't infallible, for one thing. And on the other hand, Apple is fantastic at making us want things we didn't know we needed.)

Apple has just launched an ultraportable 12-inch MacBook, and this casts twin doubts over the iPad Pro rumour: one, it's possible that sightings of screen components for this project mistakenly contributed to the iPad Pro rumours; and two, it's an extra alternative - on top of the cheaper Air and the more powerful Pro - that we think the average mobile worker would rather take than a 12-inch iPad. If you need a 12-inch screen for working on the go, why would you pick an iPad, which is less suitable for work, has a smaller library of serious work applications and doesn't come with a hardware keyboard? (It would presumably still be cheaper than a 12-inch MacBook, although not by much, and quite possibly not at all once you factor in a detachable keyboard.)