Friday, 1 May 2015

Ireland start-ups moving to RAID

The digital age is making a profound change in the way we do business. As the internet evolves, so does the way businesses communicate; both internally and to the outside world. This has reduced the need for start-up companies to set themselves up in the big capital cities such as London or Paris. New businesses now have a chance to establish themselves in a city where the rent prices are more affordable; giving new-comers a better head-start and a greater chance at succeeding. This has allowed countries like Ireland to be a more popular place for both established businesses and start-ups; changing the Irish economic climate for the better.

Businesses in Dublin

Ireland’s capital city is a great and beautiful place; and it is becoming one of Europe’s more interesting tech hubs. Over the years, Ireland has seen a lot businesses opening their offices in Dublin, despite the country’s economic struggles. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and PayPal are some of the tech giants who have decided that Dublin was the ideal place to set up their international offices. Now that Dublin contain some of the key players of the world-wide web, it attracts talent and a pool of skilled workforce. This interest in the Irish capital makes it the ideal city for new business start-ups, especially the tech and web orientated ones.

Start-ups business data

Most start-up businesses will begin on a lower budget, cutting on certain costs and increasing their revenue over time. So for early businesses, using expensive data servers as a way to manage their data is something that will happen over time. Early methods of data storage will most likely vary from storing data onto their employee’s hard drives to using online cloud computing solutions such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

RAID data storage

Over time, start-ups will accumulate a lot of data, and using the previously mentioned methods of data storage will become too risky; exposing the business to incidents of data loss. Instead, start-up businesses should switch to RAID as a way to store and access all of their data. RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is a method of data storage which uses servers comprised of multiple drives to store electronic data. The data is spread and duplicated across different hard drives, meaning that in the instance of a failing hard drive, other hard drives will also have the information backed up. This makes it far more unlikely for data loss to occur.

Keeping data safe

Data loss can have devastating consequences on a business, especially on start-ups which are running on a short budget. It is good to know that there are companies in Ireland who can help businesses who face issues with their RAID data storage facilities. Kroll Ontrack RAID recovery in Dublin is one of the services which can be called onto to help businesses getting their RAID array working again; providing a very technical and professional service. Knowing that help is available will make it more comfortable for our Irish start-ups to take the plunge and use a safer method of storing their data.