Friday, 15 May 2015

RTÉ launches “Innovation that delivers” brand campaign on IMJ/AdWorld

RTÉ Media Sales – digital, in collaboration with ICAN has launched a new innovative brand campaign – delivering a media first to the market via a Rich Media Homepage Takeover on IMJ/

RTÉ partnered with ICAN to devise an innovative campaign demonstrating the successful collaboration that exists between media agencies and the RTÉ Media Sales – Digital team.

“IMJ/ were the perfect partners for us to launch the campaign. We undertook the challenge of creating a unique Rich Media Homepage Takeover ad on IMJ/ – a media first on the site”, said Joanne Walsh, Commercial Marketing, RTÉ’s digital division.

This innovative, custom-built Rich Media Takeover combined live action with animated elements and 3D models. After extensive planning and storyboarding, the participants were recorded in green screen at Fish Films studio and given the challenging task of interacting with imaginary elements from the campaign. The best takes were selected to be keyed out and animated.

Commenting on the campaign idea, Andrew McNulty, Joint Creative Director, ICAN, said “For our new digital and print campaign for RTÉ Media Sales - Digital, we showcase creatives and clients at work. The first element of the campaign – Brings to life the collaborative, friendly partnership that have delivered great results and a digital first for Aviva on Showcasing the Aviva work in a fun way, we ask viewers to check out the many case studies. After all, RTÉ doesn't just talk about digital innovation and creativity, it does it!”

“We love to collaborate with clients to tell powerful brand stories. RTÉ’s digital division leads the market in award winning digital innovation. Agencies and brands partner with our team confident that we will deliver great results with first class service”, said Ken Nugent, Sales Manager, RTÉ Media Sales - Digital.

Click here to view the Homepage Takeover on the AdWorld website: