Monday, 18 May 2015

Startup Stories 2015 - EdgeOnly

Here is our 4th in our Startup Story feature for 2015.

The story of how your company got started?

Edge Only was started by former RTÉ 2fm DJ Jenny Huston. Having taken voluntary redundancy from RTÉ, jenny was visiting her Mother in Kilkenny in early 2014 (Jane Huston is a designer goldsmith and gemmologist) and started a wish list of designs that she wanted her mother to make her. The response was “you seem to have a strong idea of what you want so why don’t you just design a collection? It’s not like you don’t know any goldsmiths…” The seed was planted and Jenny immediately started designing and signed up for a Start Your Own Business Course through the Dublin City Local Enterprise Office.

How you funded the startup? 

Directors Jane and Jenny Huston have funded Edge Only. Jenny had a small amount of money left from her redundancy that was used for the initial start up. Edge Only received a feasibility grant from the DC LEO that helped with prototypes, master models and mouldingThe Directors continue to invest in CAD CAM and product development for new collections.

 Developing a Team, who are the key members?

Jane Huston is a multi award winning designer goldsmith and a GIA certified Gemologist. Having Trained in Belfast College of Art and the Central School of Arts and Crafts in London, Jane was hired as a designer craftsman by renowned Jeweller Andrew Grima in London. She was then hired as designer for Henry Birks and Sons a national chain in Canada and later ran two companies in partnership in Victoria for 14 years. She returned to Ireland in 1993 to set up the Crafts Council of Ireland jewellery skills course, which she ran for 17 years. She is an accredited jewellery consultant for Enterprise Ireland, worked with FAS for eight years and is now working with Solas to oversee the creation and implementation of the jewellery trade apprenticeship course. Jane is part of the MADE in Kilkenny group and continues to consult, mentor and design by commission.

Jenny Huston is the founder, designer and Managing Director of Edge Only.  Jenny’s background is in media having worked as a television and radio presenter in RTÉ for over nine years. She is a certified trainer, author of the media training course for SMEs, charities and professionals titled “How to Be A Great Radio Guest” and author of the book In Bloom: Irish Bands Now. Jenny holds a degree in Psychology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Arts Administration. Prior to RTÉ she worked as an voice-over agent and a theatre producer.

 How you see Ireland's Tech scene for home grown startups?

The presence of the “Silicon Docks” and events like the Web Summit work to stimulate and drive the sector and infrastructure around them. Having direct access to companies like Google through their breakfast seminars and Enabling Enterprise partnership with Bank of Ireland has provided invaluable insight and training for a small company like ours.
We take inspiration from the lean starts ups in the software sector, utilize the advances in 3D printing and CAD CAM technology to improve our master models and avail of the latest ecommerce integrations to take our small Irish business to a global customer. Fundamentally Edge Only is a brand for techies and creative types. The Everyday Icons collection features hashtags, speech bubbles and @ symbol jewellery for men and women.  Our Rock & Roll collection has GEEK, NERD and CODE pendants alongside lightning bolts DJ, EDGE and ROCK. We are proud to speak geek!