Monday, 4 May 2015

Startup Stories 2015 -

Here is our second Startup Story of 2015 - Irish Email security firm

The story of how your company got started? 

We use a lot of technology in our daily lives and most of it starts out being pretty functional but typically unsecure. Email is different in that it has never really had a usable security solution. This has always  amazed me and I’ve always thought there must be a simpler mechanism for everyday users to achieve proper security without needing to understand anything about the underlying nuts and bolts. This was the motivation for Jumble, it’s ultimately a real problem I encountered many times over the years and throughout my MSc in Security and Forensic Computing at DCU; nothing on the market was easy to use for both the sender and recipient.  I became determined to develop something I could use myself with additional impetus by a spate of email hacks on friends and the personal need to send sensitive information. These hacks resulted in credit card details stolen from certain emails and then used to make fraudulent charges against those cards.
For the first six months of 2014 I worked as a contractor by day and a founder by night developing Jumble; an easy to use, secure, one-click email encryption solution that integrates with existing email accounts.In July 2014 a co-founder joined Jumble to develop the business side and we relocated to Asia to develop  Jumble in a low-cost economy.

How you funded the startup? 

Until recently Jumble was bootstrapped by its founders and in that period a Gmail extension for Chrome and an iOS app have been developed. Jumble secured an Innovation Voucher from Enterprise Ireland and funding from the Start-Up Chile accelerator programme; where two co-founders are currently representing Jumble. We are open to discussions with investors to accelerate our growth and expand our platform coverage as soon as possible.

Developing a Team, who are the key members?

The Jumble team has steadily grown since I developed the MVP (minimal viable product) in early 2014. In December 2014, the third co-founder joined the team to enhance the sales and marketing side of the business. Jumble has ambitious plans to develop into the market leading email encryption provider and has recruited three developers and a marketer to expedite the technical and commercial roadmaps. The key to the success of Jumble so far is definitely the team. Each member of the team brings their own speciality in terms of complementary business and technical skills that will ensure there‘s a clear focus and an ability to deliver on all fronts.

How Partnerships have worked to help grow your business?

Jumble has engaged in partnerships with organisations, Universities and accelerator programmes to leverage support in the development of the product. We have successfully worked with DCU, Enterprise Ireland, Inseec Business School in France and the Start-Up Chile accelerator programme in developing Jumble to this stage and we are focused on continuing these effective partnerships, while developing new ones to ensure Jumble realises its vision.

How the economy has played a role in your business starting?

So far the economy has played an interesting role in the development of Jumble. I decided to develop the Gmail extension outside of Ireland based on my experience of a previous failed start-up. While there are many supports in Ireland, it remains an expensive place especially if you are bootstrapping your business and your living expenses are coming from savings. So, while the future of Jumble is in Ireland, we needed to leverage support where we could to take our idea from concept to a viable product. As Jumble continues to grow, we are excited about the opportunities that will be created as a result of the dynamic Irish economy.

How you see Ireland's Tech scene for home grown startups?

Ireland’s tech start-up scene is really heating up in 2015, and we are delighted to be part of it while also experiencing all the Chilean scene has to offer. There are many supports and networks that help start-ups move from one stage to the next in their development journey. We are looking forward to contributing to the many events that will happen in 2015, particularly in the run-up to, and during the Start-up Gathering in October this year.

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